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  • Sustainability

Ethical Formulations

Barn & Potter draws inspiration from Earth's natural ingredients, fostering product innovation. Our commitment to quality leads us to build enduring partnerships with farms, distilleries, and artisans, sourcing genuine raw materials directly. Ingredients undergo rigorous scrutiny by our Research & Development team, ensuring safety, efficacy, and global regulatory compliance—excluding Animal Testing as we staunchly oppose it. Ecocert or Cosmo Certification mark our dedication to a responsible raw material supply chain.

Impeccable Manufacturing Excellence

Our commitment to quality and precision is epitomized by our adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. At the core of our operations lies a dedication to upholding the highest industry benchmarks, ensuring that every aspect of our Singapore manufacturing facilities and processes align seamlessly with the stringent guidelines set forth by the Singapore Health Science Authority. This rigorous adherence not only guarantees the integrity and safety of our products but also underscores our unwavering dedication to producing goods of exceptional quality. With GMP as our guiding principle, we assure our partners and customers that our manufacturing practices are held to the most exacting standards, reinforcing their trust in every product that bears our name.

Celebrating Formulation Excellence

Within our strategic partnerships, select formulations bear the coveted approval of Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny and the PETA Programme. Upholding our unwavering commitment to ethical practices, we refrain from animal testing and instead engage in self-testing, a testament to our belief in the safety and efficacy of our creations.

Our formulations stand as a source of pride, as we actively participate in their trial on ourselves, supplementing stringent safety and efficacy assessments. Each manufacturing batch undergoes meticulous testing, ensuring an impeccable record of being both microbe-free and safe prior to their shelf debut. This meticulous approach resonates with our dedication to offering products of the highest caliber to our valued partners and customers.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Our commitment to a more sustainable future has driven us to integrate recycling and reuse into our core principles. By sourcing and utilizing recycled PET bottles, we actively contribute to decarbonizing our entire value chain, championing environmental preservation. Our proactive stance includes an annual target of reducing our carbon footprint by 10%, aligning with our dedication to a greener economy.

Through a recent collaborative venture with a retailer, we've joined forces in support of the "Say Yes to Waste Less" Campaign, a pivotal component of Singapore's Green Plan 2030. This strategic effort plays a pivotal role in the nation's pursuit of a 20% reduction in waste-to-landfill per capita per day by 2026, signifying our unwavering commitment to playing a vital role in shaping a sustainable future.